Per Dallas discussions:

  *   We're looking to release v2.1.0 by 31 Oct
  *   Feature freeze / cutoff is 30 Sep
  *   There are "must have" items that will block the release schedule

If we really want a release by 31 Oct, there is much work to do in a short 
amount of time.


Per our Dallas discussions 
( and, we are looking 
to release v2.1.0 by the end of October.

We had talked about September 30 as the feature freeze date for v2.1.0.  This 
is rapidly approaching.

According to, here are the 
remaining incomplete v2.1.0 "must have's":

  *   PMIx 2.0 integration (Intel, MLNX) - partially in master Issue 
#2072<>. Will require porting to 
the v2.x branch.
  *   Open SHMEM 1.3 compliance issue #2109 tracking multiple 
  *   mpool/rcache rewrite (LANL) - already in master
  *   HCOLL datatypes - already in master
  *   Better CMA support detection / make CMA the default in vader PR 

Other new features can be accepted to v2.1.0, but not after 30 Sep.

Additionally, there are currently 6 blocker issues:<✓&q=is:issue%20is:open%20milestone:v2.1.0%20label:blocker>
 in various states (some haven't started, some are partially complete, some are 
all-but-complete).  These, too, must be fixed before release, and may delay the 

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