Reminder that this switch happens on Sunday, March 18th. Please update your
MTT INI files.

On Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 4:09 PM, Barrett, Brian via devel <> wrote:

> On Sunday, March 18th, the Open MPI team is going to make a change in
> where nightly tarballs are stored that will likely impact MTT test
> configuration.  If you have an automated system (including MTT) that
> fetches nightly tarballs, you will likely need to make a change in the next
> two weeks to avoid breakage.
> Over the last year, we’ve been working behind the scenes to improve some
> of the workflows around building and releasing tarballs (both nightly and
> release), including moving them out of our web tree and into Amazon S3 (and
> the Amazon CloudFront CDN for downloads).  It’s time to make the next step,
> moving the nightly tarballs out of the web tree.
> As of December, the nightly tarball builder uploads the build results to
> S3, which can be accessed from:
> branch>/<tarball name>
> So to get the latest 3.0 nightly tarball version, you’d download
> The build artifact tree under
> nightly/open-mpi/ matches the tree under,
> so scripts should work with only the change in root of the tree.
> On Sunday, March 18th, we’ll stop mirroring tarballs to
> and rewrite the web pages to direct users to for
> downloading nightly tarballs of Open MPI.  We will add redirects from the
> old tarballs and latest_snapshot.txt files to the new location, but not all
> clients follow redirects by default.  So we’re asking everyone to
> proactively update their MTT scripts.  It should just be updating lines
> like:
>   ompi_snapshot_url =
> to read:
>   ompi_snapshot_url =
> nightly/open-mpi/master
> Thanks,
> Brian
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