On Jun 21, 2018, at 9:41 AM, r...@open-mpi.org wrote:
> Alternatively, processes can be assigned to processors based on
> their local rank on a node using the \fI--bind-to cpuset:ordered\fP option
> with an associated \fI--cpu-list "0,2,5"\fP. This directs that the first
> rank on a node be bound to cpu0, the second rank on the node be bound
> to cpu1, and the third rank on the node be bound to cpu5. Note that an
> error will result if more processes are assigned to a node than cpus
> are provided.

Question about this: do the CPUs in the list correspond to the Linux virtual 
processor IDs?  E.g., do they correspond to what one would pass to numactl(1)?

Also, a minor quibble: it might be a little confusing to have --bind-to cpuset, 
and then have to specify a CPU list (not a CPU set).  Should it be 
--cpuset-list or --cpuset?

Jeff Squyres

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