On Jun 22, 2018, at 4:09 PM, lille stor <lille.s...@gmx.com> wrote:
> I tried compile the C++ program using "mpic++" like you suggested but 
> unfortunately g++ still throws the same errror 
> ("/home/dummy/openmpi/build/lib/libopen-pal.so.20: undefined reference to 
> pthread_atfork").
> I suspect that the problem maybe to the fact that the C++ program does not 
> use directly Open MPI library but through another library (hence the 
> parameter "-Wl,-rpath-link,/home/dummy/openmpi/build/lib" when compiling it), 
> therefore one cannot pass the usual parameters 
> "-L/home/dummy/openmpi/build/lib -lmpi" to g++.  To summarize the dependency 
> flow: program -> library -> Open MPI library.

If your program uses mpic++ instead of g++, then mpic++ should add all the 
relevant parameters to compile an Open MPI program (including, if necessary, 
-pthread or -lpthread).

What does "mpic++ --showme" show?

Can you compile a simple C or C++ MPI program manually? (using mpicc / mpic++, 
without going through the secondary program)

Jeff Squyres

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