When working on,

I noted the internal Fortran bindings (e.g. [p]ompi_barrier_f and friends) are defined in the

user facing mpi_f08.mod.

My impressions are :

 1. pompi_barrier_f and friends are never used (e.g. pbarrier_f08.F90 calls ompi_barrier_f and *not*


2. these symbols could be part of an internal module that is only used at build time, and hence do

   not have to end up in mpi_f08.mod

1) should the pompi_barrier_f and friends be called/removed/left untouched ?

2) is there any rationale (and which one) for having [p]ompi_foo_f symbols in mpi_f08.mod ?

    if not, should these moved into an internal module used at build time only ?



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