Hello everyone, 

We are working on the simulation of MPI applications with the SimGrid 
simulation framework. We would like to make simulation possible from within 
OpenMPI (instead of using our own MPI implementation). To this end, we plan to 
implement a set of modules so that network transfers are simulated instead of 
being actually performed. 

We have hacked a working ODLS to spawn an additional orchestration process and 
to hack the processes' environment. We are currently trying to implement 
simulation in a custom BTL. 

Do you think that BTL is our best entry point component to simulate the network 
transfers? The PML also looks very appealing but at this moment we do not fully 
understand the role of all OpenMPI components and how they interact. 

Best regards, 
Dr. Millian Poquet 
Postdoc Researcher, Myriads Team, Inria/IRISA 
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