We are considering a “purge” of stale ORTE code and want to know if anyone is 
using it before proceeding. With the advent of PMIx, several ORTE features are 
no longer required by OMPI itself. However, we acknowledge that it is possible 
that someone out there (e.g., a researcher) is using them. The specific 
features include:

* OOB use from within an application process. We need to retain the OOB itself 
for daemon-to-daemon communication. However, the application processes no 
longer open a connection to their ORTE daemon, instead relying on the PMIx 
connection to communicate their needs.

* the DFS framework - allows an application process to access a remote file via 
ORTE. It provided essentially a function-shipping service that was used by 
map-reduce applications we no longer support

* the notifier framework - supported output of messages to syslog and email. 
PMIx now provides such services if someone wants to use them

* iof/tool component - we are moving to PMIx for tool support, so there are no 
ORTE tools using this any more

We may discover additional candidates for removal as we go forward - we’ll 
update the list as we do. First, however, we’d really like to hear back from 
anyone who might have a need for any of the above.

Please respond by Oct 5th

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