When running a simple helloworld program on OS X, we can end up with the following error message

A system call failed during shared memory initialization that should
not have.  It is likely that your MPI job will now either abort or
experience performance degradation.

  Local host:
  System call: unlink(2) /tmp/ompi.c7.1000/pid.23376/1/vader_segment.c7.17d80001.54
  Error:       No such file or directory (errno 2)

the error does not occur on linux by default since the vader segment is in /dev/shm by default.

the patch below can be used to evidence the issue on linux

diff --git a/opal/mca/btl/vader/btl_vader_component.c b/opal/mca/btl/vader/btl_vader_component.c
index 115bceb..80fec05 100644
--- a/opal/mca/btl/vader/btl_vader_component.c
+++ b/opal/mca/btl/vader/btl_vader_component.c
@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ static int mca_btl_vader_component_register (void)
                                            OPAL_INFO_LVL_3, MCA_BASE_VAR_SCOPE_GROUP, &mca_btl_vader_component.single_copy_mechanism);

-    if (0 == access ("/dev/shm", W_OK)) {
+    if (0 && 0 == access ("/dev/shm", W_OK)) {
         mca_btl_vader_component.backing_directory = "/dev/shm";
     } else {
         mca_btl_vader_component.backing_directory = opal_process_info.job_session_dir;

From my analysis, here is what happens :

 - each rank is supposed to have its own vader_segment unlinked by btl/vader in vader_finalize().

- but this file might have already been destroyed by an other task in orte_ess_base_app_finalize()

      if (NULL == opal_pmix.register_cleanup) {

  *all* the tasks end up removing opal_os_dirpath_destroy("/tmp/ompi.c7.1000/pid.23941/1")

I am not really sure about the best way to fix this.

 - one option is to perform an intra node barrier in vader_finalize()

 - an other option would be to implement an opal_pmix.register_cleanup

Any thoughts ?



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