Hi all,

I am using Msys2 from PortableApps under Win10. More precisely,

  $ uname -a
  MSYS_NT-10.0-WOW Galapagos 2.11.1(0.329/5/3) 2018-09-10 13:25 i686 Msys

I mean to install openmpi. Since I found no pre-built package (I would love
to have it!), I downloaded openmpi-3.1.2.

After having problems with Fortran (posted in another thread), I tried

  ./configure --prefix=$HOME/usr/local --disable-mpi-fortran

In this case configure went somewhat further than before, but I got later
the error

  configure: WARNINGS: neither statfs() and statvfs() were found
  error: Cannot continue

I am attaching config.log (renamed to keep track of the error produced).

This post replaces a previous one with no subject and no attachment.

<<attachment: config_statfs_statvfs.zip>>

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