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> Unfortunately, I don’t have a good idea of what to do now. We already 
> did the damage on the 3.x series. Our backwards compatibility testing 
> (as lame as it is) just links libmpi, so it’s all good. But if anyone 
> uses libtool, we’ll have a problem, because we install the .la files 
> that allow libtool to see the dependency of libmpi on libopen-pal, and 
> it gets too excited.
> We’ll need to talk about how we think about this change in the future.

Thanks for that - personally I think it's a misfeature in libtool to add 
these extra dependencies, it would be handy if there was a way to turn 
it off - but that's not your problem.

For us it just means that when we bring in a new Open-MPI we just need 
to build new versions of our installed libraries and codes against it, 
fortunately that's something that Easybuild makes (relatively) easy.

Thanks for your time everyone - this is my last week at Swinburne before 
I leave Australia to start at NERSC in December!

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