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Fujitsu has submitted a comprehensive PR to add FP16 datatypes to OMPI under 
"MPIX_*" names.

It adds quite a bit of infrastructure in the datatype and op areas, and then 
exposes that infrastructure through "MPIX_" names in an mpiext extension.

>From a technical standpoint, this PR seems to be just about ready.  But it's a 
>big change, and we'd like a few more eyes on it.  Here's some information from 
>KAWASHIMA Takahiro:

All, could you comment if you have opinions? I am about to merge FP16 (half 
precision floating point) datatype support. Corresponding C/C++ types are not 
yet standardized but they are proposed in ISO/IEC WGs. The background is 
described in a issue<> and a 
 in the MPI Forum. Links to related pages are listed in my 

Please respond by COB Thursday, Feb 7, 2019.  Thanks.

Jeff Squyres<>

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