I have proposed the use of the Github Probot "stale" bot:


The short version of what this bot does is:

1. After a period of inactivity, a label will be applied to mark an issue as 
stale, and optionally a comment will be posted to notify contributors that the 
Issue or Pull Request will be closed.

2. If the Issue or Pull Request is updated, or anyone comments, then the stale 
label is removed and nothing further is done until it becomes stale again.

3. If no more activity occurs, the Issue or Pull Request will be automatically 
closed with an optional comment.

Specifically, the PR I propose sets the Stalebot config as:

- After 60 days of inactivity, issues/PRs will get a warning
- After 7 more days of inactivity, issues/PRs will be closed and the "Auto 
closed" label will be applied
- Issues/PRs with the "help wanted" or "good first issue" will be ignored by 
the Stalebot


If we move ahead with this: given that this will apply to *all* OMPI 
issues/PRs, we might want to take a whack at closing a whole pile of old 
issues/PRs first before unleashing the Stalebot.

Jeff Squyres

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