Open MPI's has not had it's minimum tool version updated since sometime between v1.10 and v2.0.0.  My colleague and I ran into this today when investigating incorrect CFLAGS being used.  Jeff Squyres was able to root cause this as our use of old automake.  Open MPI publishes it's minimum tool version needs here:

To help give this issue more visibility (i.e. a fatal error at time, rather than incorrect CFLAGS (and who knows whatever other symptoms)), I've created PR 6837 (
All of the active release branches (v3.0.x, v3.1.x, and v4.0.x will also need this PR applied), if we take it.

Since some of these tool's versions are still newer than what ships in common Linux distros, I wanted to communicate that this PR may cause some developers a level of pain.  Please release the (very short) PR and discuss if this is the direction Open MPI Community would like to go.
Geoff Paulsen

Geoffrey Paulsen
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