The first release candidate for Open MPI 4.1.2 has been posted at  Barring any major issues, we 
anticipate a short release candidate period before an official 4.1.2 release.

Major changes from 4.1.1 include:

- Fix oshmem_shmem_finalize() when main() returns non-zero value.
- Fix wrong affinity under LSF with the membind option.
- Fix count==0 cases in MPI_REDUCE and MPI_IREDUCE.
- Fix ssh launching on Bourne-flavored shells when the user has "set
  -u" set in their shell startup files.
- Correctly process 0 slots with the mpirun --host option.
- Ensure to unlink and rebind socket when the Open MPI session
  directory already exists.
- Fix a segv in mpirun --disable-dissable-map.
- Fix a potential hang in the memory hook handling.
- Slight performance improvement in MPI_WAITALL when running in
- Fix hcoll datatype mapping.
- Correct some operations modifying MPI_Status.MPI_ERROR when it is
  disallowed by the MPI standard.
- UCX updates:
  - Fix datatype reference count issues.
  - Detach dynamic window memory when freeing a window.
  - Fix memory leak in datatype handling.
- Fix various atomic operations issues.
- mpirun: try to set the curses winsize to the pty of the spawned
  task.  Thanks to Stack Overflow user @Seriously for reporting the
- PMIx updates:
  - Fix compatibility with external PMIx v4.x installations.
  - Fix handling of PMIx v3.x compiler/linker flags.  Thanks to Erik
    Schnetter for reporting the issue.
  - Skip SLURM-provided PMIx detection when appropriate.  Thanks to
    Alexander Grund for reporting the issue.
- Fix handling by C++ compilers when they #include the STL "<version>"
  header file, which ends up including Open MPI's text VERSION file
  (which is not C code).  Thanks to @srpgilles for reporting the
- Fix MPI_Op support for MPI_LONG.
- Make the MPI C++ bindings library (libmpi_cxx) explicitly depend on
  the OPAL internal library (libopen-pal).  Thanks to Ye Luo for
  reporting the issue.
- Fix configure handling of "--with-libevent=/usr".
- Fix memory leak when opening Lustre files.  Thanks to Bert Wesarg
  for submitting the fix.
- Fix MPI_SENDRECV_REPLACE to correctly process datatype errors.
  Thanks to Lisandro Dalcin for reporting the issue.
- Fix MPI_SENDRECV_REPLACE to correctly handle large data.  Thanks
  Jakub Benda for reporting this issue and suggesting a fix.
- Add workaround for TCP "dropped connection" errors to drastically
  reduce the possibility of this happening.
- OMPIO updates:
  - Fix handling when AMODE is not set.  Thanks to Rainer Keller for
    reporting the issue and supplying the fix.
  - Fix FBTL "posix" component linking issue.  Thanks for Honggang Li
    for reporting the issue.
  - Fixed segv with MPI_FILE_GET_BYTE_OFFSET on 0-sized file view.
  - Thanks to GitHub user @shanedsnyder for submitting the issue.
- OFI updates:
  - Add support for Libfabric memhooks monitoring.
  - Ensure that Cisco usNIC devices are never selected by the OFI
  - Fix buffer overflow in OFI networking setup.  Thanks to Alexander
    Grund for reporting the issue and supplying the fix.
- Fix SSEND on tag matching networks.
- Fix error handling in several MPI collectives.
- Fix the ordering of MPI_COMM_SPLIT_TYPE.  Thanks to Wolfgang
  Bangerth for raising the issue.
- No longer install the orted-mpir library (it's an internal / Libtool
  convenience library).  Thanks to Andrew Hesford for the fix.
- PSM2 updates:
  - Allow advanced users to disable PSM2 version checking.
  - Fix to allow non-default installation locations of psm2.h.

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