Brian, just a heads up - I still see

=== Submodule: 3rd-party/openpmix
    ==> ERROR: Missing

The submodule "3rd-party/openpmix" is missing.

Perhaps you forgot to "git clone --recursive ...", or you need to
"git submodule update --init --recursive"...?

Even though I specified --with-pmix=/usr/local.

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Just a quick heads up that I just committed;;sdata=mYdwzx5qHVKf8l8TYQTeJFK%2F9MK0bJ5MkzJ8kHDB4K0%3D&amp;reserved=0,
 which changes Open MPI's behavior around PMIX/PRRTE and external builds.  
Previously, the configure script for the internally packaged PMIX and PRRTE 
were always run.  Now, if the user specifies 
--with-{pmix,prrte}={external,[path]}, Open MPI's configure will not run the 
sub-configure for the package that the user has asked to be an external 
dependency.  This has the side-effect of breaking "make dist" in those 
situations.  So, going forward, if you add --with-pmix=external or 
--with-prrte=external on master (and likely soon 5.0), you will *not* be able 
to successfully run "make dist" in that build tree.  You can run Open MPI's 
configure with no pmix/prrte arguments if you need to run "make dist".  Given 
the general split in use cases between where you'd want to link against an 
external PMIX/PRRTE and where you would want to build a distribution tarball, 
this is not anticipated to be a problem in practice.



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