Gilles --

Do you know if anyone is actually cross compiling?  I agree that this is in the 
"nice to have" category, but it is costing Brian time -- if no one is using 
this functionality, it's not worth the time.  If people are using this 
functionality, then it's potentially worth the time.

Jeff Squyres

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My 0.02 US$

Script based wrapper compilers are very useful when cross compiling,
so ideally, they should be maintained.



On Thu, Mar 24, 2022 at 11:18 AM Barrett, Brian via devel 
<<>> wrote:
Does anyone still use the script based wrapper compilers?  I have been working 
on fixing a number of static library compile issues caused by us historically 
not having been great about tracking library dependencies and the 
OMPI/PMIx/PRRTE split.  Part of this is some fairly significant modifications 
to the wrapper compilers (here's the PMIx version:
  It would be easiest to just remove the script based wrapper compilers, but 
I'll update them if someone uses them.



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