Open question to the developer community: is anyone using the Open MPI SRPM 
that we release?

Related question: is anyone using the RPM specfile and/or scripts in contrib 
for building Open MPI RPMs?

I ask for a specific reason: we just realized we broke the RPM stuff when 
updating the v5.0.x man pages/documentation.  We can go fix the RPM stuff, 
...but is it worth it?  We made the specfile/SRPM a long time ago when Open MPI 
wasn't yet widely distributed by third parties.  It seems like downstream 
packagers have now taken over this role, and have all their own packaging 
infrastructure.  As such, I don't know if anyone is actively using / cares 
about the Open MPI specfile / SRPM.

Should we port it forward into the v5.0.x series?  Or should we delete it from 
v5.0.0 and leave it for <= v5.0.0?

Jeff Squyres

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