There is a question as to what PMIx versions OMPI supports, specifically
with respect to v5.0.0 and main. This came to our attention where a user
tried to build OMPI v5 with PMIx v3.2.3, and ran into compile issues:

This leads to some open questions:

1. Is there a need to support v3.2.3 PMIx or lower with v5.0.0?
   - If so, these compile errors need to get stamped out. Sessions in v5.0.0 
would also be impacted,
     and will need to be disabled in this case since it relies on PMIx v4 
features not available in the v3 series.
     It would also be good to either add an MTT build and/or a CI test to make 
sure this does not break in the future.

2. Could/should OMPI compiled with a v4 PMIx work with SLURM compiled with a 
v3.2 PMIx?
     - There are some cross-version-compatibility features with PMIx, so it may 
be possible.

Finally, the PMIx version(s) as well as other required OMPI dependencies need
to be documented. There is an open issue here to track that here:


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