I tried to build on a RHEL7 like, and it fails at make time because ROMIO requires stdatomic.h

(it seems this file is only available from GCC 4.9)

Are we supposed to be able to build Open MPI 5 with GCC 4.8 (e.g. stock RHEL7 compiler)?

--enable-mca-no-build=io-romio314 cannot help since ROMIO has been moved to 3rd-party

is there an other workaround? if not, should be add something like --enable-3rd-party-no-build=romio?



On 10/22/2022 6:23 AM, Austen W Lauria via devel wrote:
Open MPI v5.0.0rc9 is now available for testing at <>.

Please test, and send feedback either via the user mailing lists, or create an issue at <> .

See <> for a list of changes since rc8.

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