Greetings Yatindra; thanks for responding.

Just curious: are you replying in response to the discussion that just came up 
a few days ago on, where we set the 
upcoming Open MPI v5.0's configure script to abort in 32-bit environments?  
I.e., are you part of the Debian community?

Regardless, there are several aspects of 32 bit support that are needed:

  *   Bug fixes in OpenPMIx
  *   Potential bug fixes in PRRTE
  *   Potential bug Open MPI
  *   Testing of all 3 of the above

Specifically: we know that there are 32-bit bugs in OpenPMIx that need to be 
resolved.  As such, we stopped testing 32 bit in all 3 projects quite a while 
ago.  Hence, even when 32-bit support is re-enabled in OpenPMIx, other 32-bit 
bugs may surface in PRRTE and Open MPI that require fixing.

There will also need to be continual testing of all 3 of these in 32-bit 
environments.  This likely doesn't mean writing new tests, but rather running 
at least some subset of our existing tests in 32 bit environments to ensure 
that everything works properly.

Is this something that you would be able to provide?
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Hi All,

I’m Yatindra I would like to maintain this 32-bit support. I know I did come 
late in the party but would love to help for this.



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