I do not know if there is any documentation on btl/vader.

The use of btl/vader by collective communications can be summarize as:
Collective communication algorithms in coll/base, called by coll/tuned, use 
pt2pt communications as base operations.
Point-to-point operations are handled by the pml framework.
Coll/tuned does not interact directly with btl/vader: it uses pt2pt 
communications handled by pml/ob1 which can rely on btl/vader for intra-node 


P.S.: Note that btl/vader is renamed btl/sm in v5.x versions.

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Is there any algorithm/high level description on how the shared memory(vader) 
btl components work? I'm wondering about the part that does CICO using shared 
memory, not the part that uses single copy with kernel support. How does the 
collective communication algorithm use the vader btl? Thanks!


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