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1. How dispatcher manages to send 200 OK for the NOTIFY to correct server.
2. Where does dispatcher maintain the entries to match REPLY to correct
Short answer: it doesn't! Dispatcher is completely agnostic to any reply matching logic, as that is solved inside the SIP stack. This is possible with the lovely Via headers, which guide the routing of a reply back to the UAC.

However, you do need to double-check you are using a correct dispatching algorithm, that ensures all PUB/SUB requests of a user always end up on the same presence server. Dispatching by hashing the From URI would be a good place to start.
3. Can reply pass thru ds_select_dst()?
By default, no. This is because they are transparently routed back by the SIP stack. If you want to work on your replies, you need to write some script code in the "onreply_route" [1] as well.

[1]: http://www.opensips.org/Documentation/Script-Routes-2-3#toc4

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