Hi Liviu,

Thanks for the information. My doubt came due to the following scenario: I
have a simple setup

sipp ---> dispatcher --> opensips

SUB----> -------->  --------->
     <---- 200 OK <-------- 200 OK
 <------------------------ NOTIFY
-- 200 OK ---> ------------>

Dispatcher in round robin mode.

What I see in the wireshark (on dispatcher) is that NOTIFY is sent directly
to sipp but sipp sends 200 OK to the dispatcher. 

The dispatcher fails to match the transaction (see below log)
Oct 18 02:34:17 [1824] DBG:core:get_hdr_field: <To> [38];
Oct 18 02:34:17 [1824] DBG:core:get_hdr_field: to body
Oct 18 02:34:17 [1824] DBG:core:get_hdr_field: cseq <CSeq>: <1> <NOTIFY>
Oct 18 02:34:17 [1824] DBG:tm:t_reply_matching: hash 44918 label 889367816
branch 0
Oct 18 02:34:17 [1824] DBG:tm:t_reply_matching: no matching transaction
Oct 18 02:34:17 [1824] DBG:tm:t_reply_matching: failure to match a

Also, the opensips also give 408 error.

So, doubts I now have are:

1. Is NOTIFY sent correctly? I mean bypassing the dispatcher is correct
2. As NOTIFY does not pass thru dispatcher, the message won't be having via
(dispatcher), then why sipp sent the 200 OK to dispatcher? Do you see this
as a bug in sipp? This is where I can you script route.
3. Where would the subsquent refresh SUBS will be sent? To dispatcher or to
directly opensips using the contact header or What is a correct expected

I tried to find answers in RFC but I could only find that the responses are
sent to via addresses.

Appreciate your help.

Thanks Surya.

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