Hi Abhishek,

Its really interesting that you are enthusiast and want to work with the
tools required at this time.

As i read diameter support was removed from the module
<http://www.opensips.org/Documentation/Migration-2-2-0-to-2-3-0> from
OpenSIPS, may be due to lack of developers interest.

You can also look into Kamailio which has diameter integration libraries
and IMS components for a telco requirements.

For a billing engine you can look into CGRATES <http://www.cgrates.org/>
that also provide generic interface for diameter communication. This
realtime billing engine has integration options with kamailio
<http://cgrates.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tut_kamailio.html> as well as
opensips <http://cgrates.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tut_opensips.html>.

I hope these directions will help you expand further in open-source

Welcome and Happy journey!!!


abdul basit

On 19 February 2018 at 11:07, Abhishek Kumar <abhi.nitm1...@gmail.com>

> Hello Everyone,
> I am Abhishek Kumar final year Computer Science undergraduate student of
> National Institute of Technology Meghalaya. I am proficient in C/C++, Data
> Structures, Algorithms. I have appeared in ACM ICPC Asia Regionals 2018. I
> have taken Data Communication and Computer Networking courses.
> I am highly interested in working on the Diameter support project.
> Diameter uses TCP, has scalablity, supports IpSec and thus migration from
> Radius to Diameter is the need of the hour. I am learning AAA, Radius,
> Diameter, TACACS+ concepts.
> I have setup OpenSips and have subscribed to mailing lists. I am also
> exploring OpenSips, AAA and going through the OpenSips tutorials. I am also
> trying to get acquainted with the code base to eventually start fixing some
> bugs or issues. I have completed first two sessions of Devel course and I
> am getting an overview of OpenSips architecture and code base. I would like
> to get some reference or some suggestions to get started on this project.
> Looking forward for a learning and GSOC summer ahead.
> Thanks!!!
> Abhishek Kumar
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