same things with old DAILY (20160918) , latest KDE daily not tested yet.

I think it's dbus issue (not sure 'cause I can't manage anything.. USB
drive,wired/wireless conenctions and more ...) can't paste any outputs.
I revived "1000 UID (unknowm)" error or something like...
But after install everything is fine

Then :

--- Installed MATE + Encrypted Home (3 installations into two different
pc desktops) with various partitioning combinations . No problems to
report :) . Good

--- Same things for Xfce-DEV Edition.
- Localization and keyboard are set propely
There is only one annoing problem : cant'see disk info boxes clearly .
Boxes are too bright.

Changing theme/colors schema has no effect.

please change foreground or backgorund colors if it depends on Anaconda
installer :D

Sabayon Mate hasn't this issue

cheers :)

On 09/21/2016 12:59 AM, wrote:
> I am still noticing a delay on the KDE iso from when it boots to loading
> KDE. It finishes up the boot sequence and give
> ?me a black screen for a solid 1-2 mins then kde loads up. I am testing
> these ISO's on KVM at the moment. I have add an additional cpu to verify
> that is was not the issue. Current specs are 1028mb and 2 cores. Host
> machine is a 16 core AMD Bulldozer with 32G of ram so its no slouch.
>  It also is pegging the cpu as soon at anaconda launch's.
> Anyone else seeing these issues? Other then that it seems fine other then
> the points that mudler pointed out.
> LVM and LUKS worked great this time around!!!
> If additional information is needed let me know I am more then happy to
> provide it.

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