Hi.Here I am...

Now to test KDE-DEV (now to my Dell Latitude E6330)

- System take a while to load desktop env.
- localization and keyboard are set fine
- still have "no session found for uid 1000 (unknown)" error and
I can't manage wifi connections or mount USB Device (same issue)

- Dolphin is very slow to show dirs/files (and hidden dirs/files)
- dolphin-terminal (F4) take a while to open.

- Tried to install configuring automatic partitioning.
 Anaconda crashed. See log attachment


 I thing is dbus issue (not sure of course)
 journalctl :
 Unable to connect to DBus session bus: ('Unable to connect to session
 bus: %s', GLib.Error('The connection is closed', 'g-io-error-quark',
 18)) (extracted from anaconda-journalctl log)

 if i try to restart dbus service all system freeze :D

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