Please don't!

Its much easier for those who want tapping to enable it than it is for those who have problems with it(like me, who clicks all over the place by mistake with it enabled) to disable it. One of the best things with Linux is that stuff ain't enabled by default. I assume "touchpad click" means tapping, ie the same as clicking a mouse button by tap anywhere on the touchpad

However. Make it easy for people to enable it if they want it.

On 2016-09-24 12:48, sabayonino wrote:
KDE-DEV testing

regarding Touchpad in KDE :

Touchpad is always disable when KDE session starts
need to adjust via systemsettings-->Input-->touchpad module and enable
one-touch (enable left-button)

this step create ~/.config/touchpadrc   file with follw contents


Could be possible to put this code in /etc/skel/.config/touchpadrc   to
enable touchpad click globally and start using touchpad OOTB ?

Tnx :)

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