Hi. Here I come

Starting calamares installer. All /dev/md* RAID arrays are in place
but the installer doesn't recognized them

I started Calamares and redirect its output to a file :

- blkid doesn't recognized "linux_raid_member"
- "LIST OF DETECTED DEVICES" shows only the real devices , not /dev/md*

I tried to install SL , but calamares fails 'cause I think it can't make
ext4 filesystem on linux_raid_member filesystem

see https://paste.pound-python.org/show/f3UKn5N0eKtWhefrJFQl/

next step :
Calamares Installer on wiped HDD's  (I wiped /dev/sd[abcd] running dd).
Calamares fails 'cause it can't write table of contents on selected disc
for the installation (a wiped /dev/sda)

see https://paste.pound-python.org/show/ek3yR8eaZq0LZZi8hSp6/

I used wgetpaste 'cause pastebunz wont works

What can I do to help you ?

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> Can you attempt this on lxqt Calamares from a -dev daily?

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