if you are interested, I could ask how Mozilla is synching their GitHub issues 
with their Bugzilla issue tracker (this setup sounds familiar :-)).

https://github.com/mozilla-bteam/bmo if you want to get an idea.

I assume it comes down to bot + conventions.

Kind regards


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There are quite a few factors related to making a release, and I believe
it's useful that each one knows what's going on, what else is required
and what is the overall progress.

Example being recent "question mark" about the status which was resolved
quickly on IRC, but until then it wasn't completely known where we are
for a while.

Anyway, the idea is to introduce a tool that everyone can use, a
lightweight and non-intrusive one (fast and suited for the purpose).

I prepared a temporary project with an example (full of typos, but
that's OK!) of what it can look like.

A quick one, just to see if you like this idea and solution or not.

Three views:

- "bare" view with issues (with labels): https://github.com/Enlik/meh/issues
- the "new release" milestone: https://github.com/Enlik/meh/milestone/1
- as Kanban board (used more or less correctly, but pretty nice):

Jerrod, Joost, Ettore, others, do you think it's worth trying how it
works in practice? Please, have a look at it and click through some of
the issues.

My personal opinion is that adding some transparency will make it more
attractive and be helpful, but we all should be fine with it as it only
will make sense if will be used (like in the example or differently).

PS I'm not proposing to replace the current bug tracker but introduce
new one only for tracking issues related to the release being in progress.

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