3. Same as 1. but without the freezing of packages. They still have to work when the users do the massive update of "1." after nstall, so ithout freezing, we'd know that there are no hickups.

On 04/03/2018 12:47 AM, Jerrod Frost wrote:
I'm looking for a discussion on how we feel about releasing. A few options have been presented. We can:

1. Delay Release, make a few package bumps, and polish release with a Goal of 18.05 (mostly remaining frozen) 2. Clean up and Release ASAP with 18.04 (Unfreeze and allow updates to flow)

I'm curious what the rest of the team thinks?
I like the idea of Delaying release to polish up. We can switch to Uniform Icons across all spins, switch LightDM's Greeter to Slick-greeter, etc. We could take the chance to wow the users. The downside is we'd hit users with a wave of updates right after fresh install due to long freeze. We'd also be delaying the release so some sort of update to our users of our current status would also be needed in our blog/news section.

So are we looking more to the deadline of 18.04 or are we looking to the image of polished environment for users?


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