Please excuse my ignorance but how can the server possibly tell the difference between the browser and a webview sending exactly the same HTTP requests? Just curious.


There is no working solution because google prohibited oauth authorization via webviews

2016-10-16 15:02 GMT+03:00 < <>>:

    Care to share your code?

    Oleg Linkin kirjoitti ma lokakuuta 10 09:08:52 2016 GMT+0300:
    > Hello developers.
    > I try to implement authorization via google in my applications
    but I have
    > one problem.
    > In sailfish browser authorization works the next way:
    > Click on google sign-in button
    > Open new page with google authorization
    > Denied/Grant permissions to app
    > Page closed automatically
    > Page with google sign-in button reloaded automatically
    > But in webview the last 2 steps doesn't work. Does anybody has
    ideas how I
    > can do this?
    > Thx

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