Hi all,

I'd like to be able to build applications in Rust to run on Sailfish OS; I've 
installed the Platform SDK, entered the chroot and ran the Rust toolchain 
installer<https://rustup.rs/>. Building a simple hello world within the chroot 
works fine, but for actual applications I need external libraries, which are 
provided by the targets, i.e. in sb2. However, when I launch sb2 and try to run 
rustc --version (Rust compiler) or cargo --version (Rust package manager) it 
doesn't do anything. There's no output, it just hangs until I kill it with 
Ctrl+C. It happens with both, armv7hl and i486 targets.

Can somebody tell me what's causing this? I couldn't find much documentation 
about sb2 on the web.

Best Regards,

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