I have some issue with my very first native Sailfish game: there is some
problem with audio.

Game is using QML & Javascript, it is mainly a PageStack and there are lots
of Audio components in actual game Page. If there are more than 5 Audio
elements there, app hangs-up mysteriously after leaving game Page (~GC
tries to clean up the stuff?)

I've tried using MediaPlayer, too - then I was able to catch this warning
in the log (QT_LOGGING_RULES="*.debug=true"):
Feb 13 22:32:20 Sailfish sion[13927]: [W] unknown:0 - appsrc: push buffer
wrong state

Googling has given hint to

But I have no clue what can be wrong thus any help/idea is more than
If one is willing to review relevant piece of code of mine (~300lines of
QML) that would be great help...

More details are here:

Thx in advance,


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