On 3/6/2018 3:48 PM, Pekka Vuorela wrote:
Linux desktop and Sailfish OS are kind of mutually exclusive things in
the sense the Sailfish provides a home screen, i.e. "desktop".

Gkt+ applications could perhaps be possible, but not necessarily an API
that is going to get official support. Also desktop applications and
widget sets don't likely work nicely on a small mobile device as they
have not been commonly developed with finger usability in mind.

Sure, but with a device like the Gemini PDA that is not really an issue as it has a keyboard and also a mouse can be connected. So, keyboard control can be used for most things, the screen size is not reduced by a on-screen keyboard and for some applications where one really needs fine control, a mouse can be connected. Also, external monitor and keyboard may be connnected, so usage scenarios like Windows Continuum, Ubuntu Convergence or Samsung DeX would be possible without additional effort. On Maemo, the standard Qt widgets were perfectly integrated. With Sailfish OS this is not gonna happen. That's clear, but not an issue here as it would require adaption per application. It would be sufficient to be able to build e.g. gtk applications and start them full-screen. Things like drag&drop between windows would obviously not work. The perfect solution would be a desktop running as another full-screen showing all applications that are not full-screen.

Maemo had some application like word processor or spreadsheet. With keyboard and stylus they were really usable. The keyboard contributed to the usability more than the stylus. Without keyboard and stylus there's no useful scenario...



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