On Sat, Apr 7, 2018, at 16:16, rinigus wrote:
> 2: WhoGo Maps (and sports app Laufhelden) use Mapbox GL for showing maps.
> This is done via QML plugin https://github.com/rinigus/mapbox-gl-qml . The
> plugin is based on recent QtLocation code and my own development on the
> basis of it.

Also, it seems that the Qt version of Mapbox GL native is fairly new and has 
seen significant updates and fixes in new versions, so there's a significant 
benefit in having a separate package for this as getting it via a Qt LTS 
release means quite a long delay. Do you have a list of the Mapbox GL version 
you package vs. in Qt 5.9 and 5.12?

> Finally, regarding online/offline maps and EU network charges. The privacy,
> network coverage redundancy, and requirements for OSM Scout Server have
> been addressed during the meeting by community members. However, while
> network access is much cheaper in EU, don't forget that online maps require
> a server on the other side. There are few commercial solutions, but, they
> are not cheap. @otsaloma had to install his own server to go around these
> costs.

And still my custom solution is not even close to the quality of Mapbox's maps, 
in part due to my lack of design skills, in part due the low detail level of 
tiles from OpenMapTiles.com. It would be best to have some kind of a platform 
solution as Mapbox's maps are unreasonably expensive for a hobby project once 
past the free plan. It's likely worth asking if Mapbox would be interested in 
some kind of a deal, getting some exposure and testing for their Qt version.

Osmo Salomaa <otsal...@iki.fi>
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