Hi all,

I did not send a reminder for this one as we already had quite many topics in place.

The agenda for this meeting is as listed below:

Date: 17/05/2018
Time: 08:00 UTC
Duration: Approximately 75 minutes
Chair: Jaymzz
Location: #mer-meeting on freenode IRC


Intro (5min)
Sony Xperia XA2 Model Support (5 min)
Wayland Update (15 min)
Everything being rendered on CPU instead of GPU (20 min)
Shared contact details via SMS (10 min)
General discussion (15 min)
Next meeting time & date (5 min)

Please familiarize yourself with the topics before the meeting, as well
as the common Meetbot commands https://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot (it's
used for meeting management and logging)

Best regards,
James Noori,
Community Manager,

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