Currently mbuni will first try and deliver a MMS as a standard
to-mobile message using the "local-prefixes" in your config.  When it
is unable to do this, it will check the possible VASP short-codes.

The "problem" that I have with this is that the short-code does not
work when you have short-code that looks like a valid local prefix.
If you have, say "81" in your local-prefix and then have a short-code
that is "81999" it will not send the message to the VASP but rather
treat it as a normal mobile number. (yes... I know: the 81 in-front
makes it a not_so_short short-code, but my response to that will start
with "The marketing department...")

The attached patch will first check the list of VASP short-codes and
only then (if none was found) send the message.

Maybe someone else has a different/better solution?
Is this a clean/valid solution?

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