Hey Paul thanks for your quick reply that was very nice.
I understand that it is a full IP network but for notfication we are still using SMSC right? Else is there any other way of notfication to the user? My understanding of the message flow is like this.
1) Originating user sends the MMS with the destination address populated along with other fields populated in the MM1_submit.REQ or is it M-Send.req ? to the MMSC IP which is configured in the mobile.
2) The MMSC responds immediately in the same socket connection with MM1_submit.RES.
3) The MMSC sends a SMS notification to the destination device with the URI of the message, (if this is so why are we calling it as a all IP netowrk), if it is possible to send the notification without using a SMSC how will the MMSC know the location of the mobile device how is the socket connection made to the destination mobile? what are the intermediate network elements which comes into the picture.
Probably you would have answered these kinds of queries earlier, I would be happy to go through the links if you could direct me there.
Radhesh (Radhu)

On 8/23/06, Paul Bagyenda <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On Aug 22, 2006, at 09:41, radhu pv wrote:

> Good Morning Paul,
> I was looking for some kind of documentaion from developmetn
> perspective for MMSC. I actually wanted to understand how routing
> is done to other MMSC?
> What is the message path when a MMS is send BTS-> SGSN->GGSN-> MMSC
> is that correct?
> How does the MM1_Submit.RES goes back? the socket connection is it
> made with the GGSN to send back the response?

The RES is part of the HTTP response back to the MS once the MMSC has
received the Submit message. It is sent back as the body of the HTTP

Keep in mind that the MMSC is a fully IP entity, not SS7.

> It would be great if you could respond me to this mail as it will
> be of great help.
> Cheers,
> Radhesh.

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