We have used it without much trouble. That said, I would not be  
surprised if there were problems in this code! I will take a look and  


On Sep 28, 2006, at 12:13, Dziugas Baltrunas wrote:

> Hi list,
> I noticed that MM7->MM1 conversion mbuni is doing most probably is  
> invalid.
> Attached you will find original MM7/SOAP request and mbuni spool files
> - one for queue and one for data.
> Notice the Content-ID\00<mms>\00 present in the data file which
> shouldn't really be here. What I'm also missing is the reference to
> the presentation (smil) Content ID (0x8A), thus no phone will show a
> presentation for the user. Going deeper, in the attached data file
> Length of Content Type in Content-Type PDU (0x84) is 0xa3 and specs
> (wap-230 spec, page 83) say that if the length is more than 0x1F,
> additional byte 0x1F shall be used for length indication.
> I'm wondering if anyone has succeeded sending MMS with mbuni via MM7
> with a SMIL presentation (I saw some posts that guys are successfully
> using Openwave SDK), thus maybe I'm doing something wrong here.
> My Nokia N80 will ignore (deffer) attached message, although older
> phones (like Nokia N70) will still accept it, but show no
> presentation.
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> Dziugas
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