Dear All,

   Please find, at a new stable release of the software.
This release addresses several issues reported over the months since the last release, and also provides improvements, particularly in the MmsBox application. Do take a look at the detailed ChangeLog file for more information on this.

You will also note that we are building against Kannel CVS snapshot of 2006-11-23 (or later if you prefer). This is because 1.4.1 contains one or two bugs in the MIME module, and I will accept a slap on the wrist as the originator of said bugs, and no thanks for the fixing of them! Once 1.4.2 is out, we will move to that easily. Also, the need to patch Kannel has gone away, thanks to Stipe and the rest of the Kannel team for the good collaboration.

 As always, feedback, comments, etc are welcome.

Many thanks


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