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On Apr 04, 2007, at 13:40, Gert Horne wrote:

Hi List,

I have tried the users list but I think they all died of stress or some complicated network error with the cellular network providers were some
idiot closed the firewall!!!

I have successfully install and configured mbuni. Gr8 product!

I have been able to connect as a vas to a gateway and successfully send
some mms messages.

Now I want to connect to a different gateway and now I receive an error

INFO: XML sent is: <soap-env:Envelope
xmlns:soap-env="";><soap- env:Header><TransactionID xmlns=" archive/23_series/23.140/schema/REL-5-MM7-1-2" soap- env:mustUnderstand="1"></TransactionID></soap-env:Header><soap- env:Body><soap-env:Fault><soap-env:faultcode>Server.Service</soap- env:faultcode><soap-env:faultstring>Server Error</soap- env:faultstring><soap-env:Detail><Status xmlns=" ftp/Specs/archive/23_series/23.140/schema/REL-5- MM7-1-0"><StatusCode>4004</StatusCode><StatusText>Validation Error</ StatusText><Details>Validation violation: Probably namespace URI of tag "TransactionID" is wrong (correct one is " ftp/Specs/archive/23_series/23.140/schema/REL-5-MM7-1-0")</ Details></Status></soap-env:Detail></soap-env:Fault></soap- env:Body></soap-env:Envelope>!

2007-04-03 14:52:49 [18772] [11] INFO: parse.soap, h=TransactionID, v=!
2007-04-03 14:52:49 [18772] [11] INFO: parse.soap, h=Fault, v=!
2007-04-03 14:52:49 [18772] [11] INFO: parse.soap, h=faultcode,
2007-04-03 14:52:49 [18772] [11] INFO: parse.soap, h=faultstring,
v=Server Error!
2007-04-03 14:52:49 [18772] [11] INFO: parse.soap, h=Status, v=!
2007-04-03 14:52:49 [18772] [11] INFO: parse.soap, h=StatusCode, v=4004!
2007-04-03 14:52:49 [18772] [11] INFO: parse.soap, h=StatusText,
v=Validation Error!

2007-04-03 14:52:49 [18772] [11] INFO: parse.soap, h=Details,
v=Validation violation: Probably namespace URI of tag "TransactionID" is
wrong (correct one is
" REL-5-MM7-1-0")!
2007-04-03 14:52:49 [18772] [11] INFO: Send to MMSC[mtn], failed,
code=[4004=>Validation error], detail=Validation violation: Probably
namespace URI of tag "TransactionID" is wrong (correct one is
" REL-5-MM7-1-0")
2007-04-03 14:52:49 [18772] [11] INFO: Sent to MMC[],
code=[4004=>Validation error], msgid [(none)]
2007-04-03 14:52:49 [18772] [11] INFO: Retry later MMSBox Outgoing Queue
MMS Send: From number/TYPE=PLMN, to number/TYPE=PLMN, msgsize=104:
err=Failed to deliver to MMC[url=http://user:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/mm7/mm7Server,
id=mtn], status=[4004=>Validation error]!

When I seak to the tech guy at the gateway provider is is talking about
some sort of Basic Authentication blah blah...

Could you please point me in the right direction.

Gert Horne

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