Please send a more complete log. But from what we can see initially, obviously the other side is returning this error. In this case looks like you are sending the wrong username/password to the other side.
On Apr 04, 2007, at 22:42, Gert Horne wrote:

Hi list,

I have a new problem with my mbuni setup.
I have configured mbuni as a vas gateway to connect to gateway provider
from cvs but get same problem with stable release:


group = core
log-file = /var/log/mbuni/mmsbox.log
access-log = /var/log/mbuni/mmsbox-access.log
log-level = 0

group = mbuni
storage-directory = /var/log/mbuni/spool
max-send-threads = 5
maximum-send-attempts = 2
default-message-expiry = 360000
queue-run-interval = 5
send-attempt-back-off = 300
sendmms-port = 10001
name = "smsonline"

group = mmsc
id = local
mmsc-url = http://username:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:8082/mm7
incoming-username = mmslocal
incoming-password = 123456
incoming-port = 12345
type = soap

group = send-mms-user
username = user
password = 123456
#faked-sender = 27829899992

The error in the log is:

HTTP: Status line: <HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized>
INFO: Retry later MMSBox Outgoing Queue MMS Send: From 2783/TYPE=PLMN,
to 2783/TYPE=PLMN, msgsize=87: err=Failed to contact
MMC[url=http://username:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:8082/mm7] => HTTP returned

The gateway provider said it is my application for they don't give
status 401. I was able to send to them in the past.

Could someone give me some information as to what would generate this

Kind regards
Gert Horne

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