Hello every body:


            Please I need help to implement the protocol PDU for MMS. I
have read many specifications like
wap-209-mmsencapsulation-20020105-a.pdf, wap-206-mmsctr-20020115-a.pdf,
WAP-230-WSP-20010705-a.pdf, but I have a lot of questions.


            I know how to receive m.notification-ind because is the same
with SMS. In case of m.send-req I know how build the message, but, I
don't know how send the message. I also know what commands use to start
a GPRS connection but I don't know how GET the message.


          Please some body can explain me??? I am from Cuba I also talk


          This work is my thesis, I am developing a driver for SAMS-M,
that is a good news because SAMS-M is already implemented. Maybe soon
you can use SAMS-M because it will be and opensource project.


          Please help me.



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