Hello, Devel@mbuni.org

I am developing an mms content fingerprinter.  And I have looked at the
Mbuni source.
I would like to test using some of the functions like mms_frombinary() in

For Example, I have http transactions containing an mms message.  I would
like to read in
the http file and do something like this:
1. extract and log certain http headers
2. assign mms into mmsMsg object
  2.1 extract and log specified mms headers (dirive the mms message type)
  2.2 extract and fingerprint (probably with CRC) mms content (will be
multiple pieces of content)
  2.3 Write content to file

After getting a better feel for the mbuni processes, I would like to ask the
following questions

- How can I include the mbuni libraries, namely libmms.a, to utilize such
functions as mms_frombinary(), octstr_read_file(),  ?

- In my compilation, do I need to include Kannel libraries aswell, or are
they part of the mbuni libraries?

- is there a way to extract specified headers from a binary mms, for eg.;
char* tranID = extract_header(MmsMsg msg, "MMS_HEADER_MESSAGE_ID");

-What c header files do I need to include?

I appreciate any help.

Thank You,

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