Yes there is, but it aint all that pretty: Create an MMS message using one of those nokia tools, containing the image you want. Then point the service to this message. You want (of course) to ensure that the file extension (e.g. ".mms") is mapped to the correct content type by your HTTP server.

Really the 3GPP standards do not say anything about the message content type afaik, at least not in the strict sense, but most MMSC tend to choke on anything that is not straight-up multipart MIME

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I'm facing the following issue:

I have defined a mms-service:

group = mms-service
name = fullmessage
get-url =
accept-x-mbuni-headers = true
catch-all = false
keyword = thixs

When i send the keyword "thixs" to the shortcode basically the mbuni will fetch the image defined in the get-url and build an MM.

Problem that i'm facing is that the content-type of this image wil be set to "image/jpeg" which for me is ok. But the MMSC server

doesn't like this. The MMSC server is expecting: multipart/related or multiparty/mixed (According to the MMSC vendor this is based on the

3GPP standard.

Is there an easy way to fix this?



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