Hi All,

There have been a number of additions/changes in mbuni CVS over the last few weeks that I thought I might hi-light here:

- The Mbuni VAS GW can now be used to route messages from one MMSC to another without passing through an mms-service. There are two ways to do this:
    - using the 'reroute' and 'reroute-mmsc-id' parameters, or
- using a loadable module or shell script that is called for each message received, and returns the ID of the MMSC through which to route the message (or the empty string to route to the matching 'mms-service'
    The module is also allowed to re-write the sender/receiver address!

- To cater for MMSCs with picky MM7/SOAP parsers, we've added extra parameters you can use to control for exact coding of the MM7 XML you send. Refer to doc for details. - Support for custom MM7 implementations using the mmsc group config variable value 'type = custom' in Mbuni VAS GW. This makes it possible to (more easily) develop your own custom MM7 connectivity type and plug it in.

 As always, please refer to Changelog for details


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