CVS now has the beginnings of the HTTP admin interface. No documentation updates yet, alas, but that should change over the coming hours.

Briefly, you need to add the following config params to your mbuni conf group:

mmsbox-admin-port = port_no
admin-password = password
admin-port-ssl = one_of_true_or_false

You should then be able to access the HTTP admin port using


 In each case the HTTP response is XML formatted.

The parameter 'cmd' is one of:
- status: This spits out the status of the mmsc connection provided (if none is provided then status information for all active mmsc connections is provided) - start: This starts the mmsc connection whose ID (in the conf file) matches that provided (if none is provided then all are started) - stop: This stops the mmsc connection whose ID matches that provided (if none is provided then all are stopped)

Feedback is welcomed of course.

You will also notice additional updates in the Changelog, particularly with respect to dynamic configuration of Mbuni. (These are documented.)



On Aug 30, 2008, at 11:27, Mohammad Abu Karim wrote:

Hi Guys.

Kannel Has HTTP administration to administer the kannel to check status, shutdown ..etc.

Does mbuni has such administration HTTP or command interface to administer it? If yes tell me please how to access it, and how I can check mbuni vasgw status. I mean how I can check the vasgw queue, the served MMSes, the filed delivered MMses and so on.

Mohammad Abu-Karim

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