With a particular nokia/eaif MMSC (it reports x-nokia-mmsc-version: 4.0) I
get the following error when trying to submit a m-send-req:
HTTP: Status line: <HTTP/1.1 400 Missing Header: X-NOKIA-MMSC-Message-Id>

With other eaif type mmsc's I usually get this back in a header _after_ the
message is submitted, but apparently not with this mmsc :-(

I tried adding a message id (taken from MmsMsg->msg-Id and padded with
zeroes to the length 32) and settings this as X-Nokia-MMSC-Message-Id, but
that resulted in an other error:
HTTP: Status line: <HTTP/1.1 498 Message Not Found>

So, clearly it doesn't just expect some arbitrary message id. Bummer..

Has anybody experienced similar issues? I am wondering if the is an MMSC
misconfiguration or it is just using slightly different version of the

Btw. If anybody has a detailed document about the eaif protocol, please send
me a copy. All I can find is: MMS Center Application Development Guide,
Version 1.0, 04-03-2002 - which is sparse on technical details and maybe

Best regards,
Christian Theil Have
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