When there is many messages in outgoing queue handle_mm1 disconnects
gprs after every (or almost every) message processed and just to
connect again in next loop iteration a while after. I'm not sure if
this is due to my specific settings or it's a general behaviour of

My relevant settings are:

max-send-threads = 8
queue-run-interval = 120
send-attempt-back-off = 30

I noticed that by inserting a small delay after message processing I
can improve performance by reusing existing GPRS connection for next
message. Here is what I did:

$ diff -u mmsbox_mm1.c.orig mmsbox_mm1.c
--- mmsbox_mm1.c.orig   2010-08-07 08:12:31.159947652 +0200
+++ mmsbox_mm1.c        2010-08-07 08:15:09.265199690 +0200
@@ -520,6 +520,10 @@
                 mms_info(0, "mmsbox-mm1", NULL, "GPRS pid (%d) appears to be 
dead - quitting loop", pid);
                 goto after_gprs_dead;
+              /* sleep a while so next message will have a chance to
+                 appear in queue */
+              gwthread_sleep(2);
          } while (gwlist_len(mm1->requests) > 0 &&
                   (r = gwlist_consume(mm1->requests)) != NULL);

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