Hi all,

I did not find any information regarding the mmsc statistics such as:

1. Total number of sent MMS messages via MM1 / MM3 / MM4 / MM7.
2. Total number of successful MMS fetch.
3. Total number of failed MMS fetch.
4. Number of MMS messages in the server queue.

I think it will be nice to support such type of statistics. I have already
done some work on this, but I need to know if you plan to include such a
First, I started by creating a shared memory region to be used by MMSC to
update the statistics. The benefit of this is to separate the statistics
sampling from the mmsc core.
Another process can attach this shared memory and collect these counters
and save them in a file in a given format.

Then, I found it may be more appropriate to use some central caching
service like memcached. This has the clear advantage of sharing the
statistics remotely from another machine. So, the sampling process can
collect statistics from multiple active mmsc servers.

When I am done with this, I can post the changes to be applied if approved

What do you think? Am I doing it right?
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